Plastic Free July

This year in our household we have made some major changes to live more sustainably and to reduce our plastic consumption. It made sense to pick up a copy of Martin Doreys ‘No More Plastic.


The changes in this book are simple and if we all make a couple of simple swaps it can amount to a big change. Most of the changes in this book we are giving a go but like I've said before, some changes from single use plastic can be more expensive.
With my art I am always pushing forward my passion for nature and this planet so I felt like it would be hypocritical if I did nothing to change. I am so frustrated with our world leaders not doing enough to tackle climate change but I realise I have the power to vote with my wallet and give my money to businesses who are trying to make a difference. Once you start to notice plastic it becomes mind blowing that it is everywhere! I was shocked by finding out it's in most tea bags!!! I love tea, so that has now been changed thanks to @pukkaherbs💚

What changes will you make?

martindorey #nomoreplastic