Albert Irvin and Abstract Expressionism

Currently at the RWA in Bristol (which is an incredible asset to the city and should be visited regularly) is a wonderful abstract exhibition. As a younger artist I dismissed abstract art as simplistic and lazy but I have a new love for the art form and I understand the emotional connection to the work. Through visiting exhibitions such as the this recently, it has ignited something in me to pursue some of these techniques in my own work.

Albert Irvin OBE RA RWA Hon (1922-2015) was one of Britain’s most important post-war painters and printmakers. He is best known for his large-scale abstract colourist paintings - some of the most distinctive to have ever been produced in this country.

The colours were so vibrant and exciting. I was impressed how the paint and mark making was so clear and no a purple brown mush on the canvas. The size of the pieces was also impressive. As well as Irvin’s work there is a group exhibition including great names in this genre including Pollock and De Kooning. Why wouldn’t you take advantage to seeing a Jackson Pollock in your city.


The exhibition runs until 3rd March and there is an entry fee of £8 per adult.